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Autonomia EXPO 2012: The great celebration of disability, technology, aesthetics and culture

Disability NOW is a supportive Non-Profit, Non-Governmental organisation in Greece, with an established European profile, and is mostly managed by people with severe mobility disabilities. The aim of Disability NOW is to produce and distribute all available disability related information, in respect of fundamental rights to independence and social participation. It constitutes a major source of peer support and counselling, empowering people with disabilities with the appropriate knowledge and skills to self-advocate and exercise their civil rights, to manage their needs and to establish their own terms and choices in their lives. Peer support, information and advice are provided continuously through the telephone, email, online disability community and forum, newsletters and the print magazine, on a professional and voluntary basis.

Since 1997, through its own dedicated portal at www.disabled.gr the organisation has established an informational gateway: it gathers, enters, classifies, publishes and distributes information on a daily basis which relates to, benefits and concerns people with disabilities, and people with special educational and consumer needs; it offers a complete directory of information and an intelligent instrument of research and survival for every person with disabilities.

The supportive role of DISABILITY NOW in gathering, creating, and disseminating information within a self-help/ peer support setting, which is directly responsive to the real needs of disabled people, forms the core of its objectives.